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Get e-Alerts Abstract Here, we report on the synthesis, enzymatic stability, and antitumor activity of novel bioconjugates containing the chemotherapeutic milt a prosztatitis kezelésére daunorubicin attached through an oxime bond to various gonadotropin-releasing hormone-III GnRH-III derivatives. In order to increase the enzymatic stability of the bioconjugates in particular against chymotrypsin4Ser was replaced by N-Me-Ser or Lys Ac.

A compound in which 4Lys was not acetylated was also prepared, with the aim of investigating the influence of the free ε-amino group on the biochemical properties. The in vitro cytostatic effect of the bioconjugates was determined on MCF-7 human breast, HT human colon, and LNCaP human prostate cancer cells by 3- 4,5-dimethylthiazolyl -2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide assay.

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The results showed that 1 all synthesized bioconjugates had in vitro cytostatic effect, 2 they were stable in human serum at least for 24 h, and 3 they were hydrolyzed in the presence of lysosomal homogenate. All compounds were stable in the presence of 1 pepsin and 2 trypsin except for the 4Lys containing bioconjugate.

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In the presence of chymotrypsin, all bioconjugates were digested; the degradation rate strongly depending on their structure. The bioconjugates in which 4Ser was replaced by N-Me-Ser or Lys Ac had the highest enzymatic stability, making them potential candidates for oral administration.

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In vivo tumor prostate cancer treatment research paper inhibitory effect of two selected bioconjugates was evaluated on orthotopically developed C26 murine colon carcinoma bearing mice. The results indicated that the compound containing Lys Ac in position 4 had significantly higher antitumor activity than the parent bioconjugate.

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High Level Abstract Background The human population residing in monazite bearing Kerala coast are exposed to chronic low dose and low dose rate external gamma radiation due to Th deposits in its beach sand. This area serves as an ideal source for conducting large-scale epidemiological studies for assessing risk of low dose and low dose rate radiation exposure on human population.

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PSA-érték és -valtozas a képalkotas idopontjaig Prosztatarak gradus és agresszivitas Prosztatarak-stadium és elsodleges kezelés Nyirokcsomó Az uj tracerek tovabb fogjak javitani az érzékenységet recidiva kimutathatosagat és csökkenteni a vizsgalat negativ prediktiv értékét. A legbiztatobb eredményeket az antiF-FACBC-vel érték el, amely anyag felvétele összefüggést mutat a daganat funkcionalis aktivitasaval [5]. Azonban a citoreduktiv radikalis prostatecto-miaval kapcsolatban egyre több munkacsoport szamol be eredményeirol. Hormonmegvonasra jol reagalo betegeknél az adjuvans kezelés urân elvégzett citoreduktiv prostatectomia javithatja a teljes és a tünetmentes tul-élést. A tanulmanyok azonban kiemelik, hogy csak jol kivalasztott betegeknél szamolhatunk a fenti elonnyel, illetve azzal, hogy hatékonyan csökkentjük az also és a felso hugyuti komplikaciok aranyat.

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