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His main research interests are physiology and pathophysiology, genomics and pharmacology of anxiety, depression and sleep disorders including molecular, in vivo animal and human studies which include neuropsychopharmacology and pharmacogenomics.

The Laboratory of Neurochemistry and Experimental Medicine in Budapest, achieved international reputation in the above fields including the role of serotonin in neuropsychiatry and its pharmacology under his leadership.

He has published more than scientific papers in reputed journals with a cumulative impact factor of and has over citations on his works.

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He is the member of several national and international professional scientific societies, and the Scientific Board of the Semmelweis University. He serves on the editorial boards of journals in the field of neuro- and psychopharmacology, including e.

European Neuropsychopharmacology.

Bereczki is a board certified neurologist and psychiatrist, with major interest in clinical neurology, especially cerebrovascular diseases. His major field is immunogenomics, allergy- and oncogenomics. Recently his major attention focuses on histamine related immunoregulation, non-coding DNA e. He is the past president of Hungarian Society for Immunology.

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He organized the first International Immunogenomics and Immunoinformatics Conference, and is a founding member of International Immunomics Society. He is Editor or board member of four international scientific journals.

Andras Falus supervised about 30 graduated students, so far.

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Falus was awarded the Szechenyi priceNeumann award and Semmelweis price Béla Péter Merkely Prof. In he acquired a certification in Internal Medicine, in acquired a certification in Cardiology.

In Merkely obtained PhD degree and then in he was named doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and habilitated at Semmelweis University. He has been the consultant of about twelve sponsored research projects since He participated in several international research projects cooperating with such foreign universities as that of Heidelberg, Aachen, Berlin, Erlangen-Nürnberg, Prostate cancer uk research funding, Paris, Gdansk, Boston, Oulu.

As for his professional activity, Merkely introduced the use of implantable cardioverter defibrillator and cardiac resynchronization prostate cancer uk research funding in the treatment of sudden cardiac death and heart failure.

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Besides, in Hungary he was the first who used the invasive rotablational treatment for inoperable coronary disease. He was one of the organizors of the Infarction Emergency Service in Central-Hungary, and as a professional supervisor, he was responsible for its monitoring and the development of the quality indicators of the treatment of acute myocardial infarction.

Maria Judit Molnar Dr. She is specialized in neurology, psychiatry, clinical genetics and neuropathology.

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She is the Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences since She was the founder of the first neurogenetic laboratory in Debrecen, and Department of Molecular Neurology at the National Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology. She also pioneered with the launch of the neurological and psychiatric biobank NEPSYBANK and with the introduction of the concept of personalized medicine into neurology.

Long-term costs and survival of prostate cancer: a population-based study Prostate cancer uk research funding. Gyakorlat a fejlett prosztatarákért: többkomponensű megvalósíthatósági próba Tartalom Nyomozói hovatartozás: Queen's University, Belfast A nyomozó teljes neve: Gillian Prue Nyomozó címe: Astma to przewlekła choroba powodująca zwężenie dróg oddechowych. Prostate Cancer Treatment Support - Cancer Research UK Osoby z astmą mogą wystąpi świszczenie, klatki piersiowej w klatce piersiowej i trudności w oddychaniu. Astma jest główny problem zdrowia publicznego wśród Portorykańczyków, badniki badań w celu ustalenia dziedziczności i środowiska na chorobę w tej części. Uczyć się więcej Jeśli chodzi o te związki, to badanie zbada wpływ niektórych genów i genów na temat rozwoju i ciężkości astmy u dzieci z Puerto Rico.

Her most important scientific achievements: identification of genetic mutations and pathological processes in the background of rare neurologic disorders; genetic epidemiological studies; development of new diagnostical methods eg. She also carried out promising animal and human gene therapy studies with the insertion of the dystrophin gene aiming to treat the Duchenne type muscular dystrophies. She has been the leader and coordinator of numerous research grants.

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Her research activity prostate cancer uk research funding publications, more than presentations, 18 book chapters and 1 individual book Basics and modern approach of neuromuscular disorders. His main focus is heart failure diagnostics and therapy. Soós has spent three years at the University of Heidelberg as postdoctoral research fellow and clinician.

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He became a urológiai vizsgálat nőknek gyakori kérdések of end-stage heart failure patient management. He is the coordinator of heart failure study group of Budakalász Health Examination Survey.

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Soós is also involved to the heart transplantation experimental research team focusing on whole heart tissue engineering and developing new organ transfer solutions. His scientific work was awarded with several prestigious prizes, among others Rudolf-Thauer Prize and István Kunos Prize.

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Soós is responsible for the heart failure research program at the Heart Center, Semmelweis University. Zoltan Takats Dr. Zoltan Takats has obtained his M. He has carried out his Ph. He has obtained his Ph. He has been doing mass spectrometry-related research for more than 15 years, with a primary focus on the development of novel atmospheric pressure ionization methods.

Expenses have to be justified by a well documented budget that is to be included with each application. The budget should include the estimated costs of living, travel expenses for one round trip, limited refunds for continuing expenses in the home country, such as continuation of insurances and other costs for which documentation can be presented. The EUSP stipend is meant to finance the above mentioned costs made only by the applicant, and not by accompanying persons.

He is the primary inventor of electrosonic spray ionization, desorption electrospray ionization, jet desorption ionization and rapid evaporative ionization mass spectrometry methods. Besides pursuing a scientific career, he has been deeply involved in the introduction of mass spectrometry-based neonatal screening programme in Hungary and served as the head of one of the national screening laboratories.

Present research interests include the application of ambient ionization methods in surgical metabonomics and development of mass spectrometric imaging techniques for the rapid phenotyping of cancer patients.