Urine test for prostate cancer markers. Linguee Apps

busquopan a prosztatitisből

What tests are done to detect Cancer? Cancer detection is not based on one single test generally.

  • Prostatitis felnőtt kezelésben
  • Specifikus prosztatitis

It is recommended to get evaluation from different methods to confirm diagnosis. Our Health advisor and Medical team will be involved to guide you in the complete cycle of the testing process and will facilitate the diagnosis process for prevention of any disease.

lézer és mágnes prosztatitis

Your health vitals and history will be taken for pre-diagnosis and for suggesting the relevant tests through Health Karma or you can also share your prescription with our medical team. Once you confirm your booking, a trained Phlebotomists Sample Collector will be assigned to visit you on your chosen time and pickup address and for collection of sample.

milyen az ammónia szaga

Phlebotomist may also take other vitals if suggested in the pre diagnosis. Your sample will then be transported to the nearest collection hub maintaining the integrity of the sample and urine test for prostate cancer markers be centrifuged before sending to the lab for processing.

a húgyhólyag és a prosztata gyulladása

You will also be offered a post report counselling by our Doctors as a part of the healthcare service offered to you.